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MAY 29TH, 2021 @ 11 am

Get ready to cruise thru the memories...

HOMER @ Karen Hornaday Park
KENAI @ Diamond M Ranch






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Kenai Peninsula Fair's 1st annual Car Ra

What is a Road Rally?

A Road Rally is a scenic drive with a purpose, a chance to enjoy a day with a friend, and one of the least expensive forms of motorsport! Events do not involve speed and teams do not need specialized equipment for their car. Competitors should never feel the need to speed or drive unsafely to meet time goals. The goal of a Road Rally is precision, not risk.
When the day of the event arrives, teams will compete to see who is the best at reading the route instructions carefully, following the route, and maintaining the assigned average speeds.
Road Rally teams are made up of two people with one of them – the driver – keeping eyes on the road and the other – the navigator – reading directions, figuring out times and helping spot landmarks. The competition is measured by when teams arrive at precisely-measured checkpoints set up along the rally route where the exact arrival time has been calculated based on the designated average speeds.
Penalty points are assigned if a team arrives at a checkpoint late or early. Scavenger hunt items may need to be collected and presented at the end. In addition, there will be a questionnaire along the way, the questions relating to the landmarks along the course. Scoring will be based on several criteria including time, scavenger hunt items and the questionnaire. The further off the time, the more points the team gets and when the time comes to hand out trophies – the best score wins.

Requirements and Rules

Rules and Requirements

The following documents, valid on the date of the event, must be shown to the rally officials
upon registration (failure to do so is grounds for exclusion):
 Driver’s License for anyone listed as “driver”
 Vehicle registration
 Proof of insurance
 Signed waiver forms from all participants
 Signed Parental Consent form for drivers under the age of 18 


All drivers must be at least 16 years of age or older, have a valid and current drivers’ license,
registration and proof of insurance. All drivers that are 18 years old and below must have a
Parental Consent Form signed by their parent or legal guardian. Each car is required to have one
driver and at least one navigator. The Rally is a timed event, but not a race so it is required to
follow all traffic and safety laws. Estimated traveling times between the checkpoints will be
posted on the instruction sheet at the start of the rally, the objective being to arrive as close as
possible to the given time. 
By participating in this event, all participants are deemed to have agreed to be bound by these
regulations. These regulations are intended to assist in the conduct of competitors and to further
general safety. They are a guide and in no way guarantee against injury or death to participants,
spectators or others. No express or implied warranties of safety or fitness for a particular
purpose shall be intended or result from publication or compliance with these regulations.


During the rally, the following regulations will apply and any driver caught in violation will be
 Always obey all traffic and safety laws and posted speed limits.
 Always watch for children at play.
  Watch for and slow down at speed bumps.
  Be respectful of residents when driving through neighborhoods.
  Keep car number visible in front of window at all times.
  No change of crew and/or vehicle will be permitted during the rally.
  Any car decorations must not hinder the operation of the vehicle during the rally.

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